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Monthly Archives: September 2008

a video of a crazy tornado somewhere in some farmland  here is IT


Lauren Molitor, the 22-year-old college student crushed by a truck during a sorority fund-raiser this month, has regained consciousness and begun to breathe on her own, the trauma surgeon leading her care said Thursday.


John A. Weigelt, chief of trauma and critical care surgery at Froedtert Hospital in Wauwatosa, called Molitor “a fighter” who’d “walk out of this hospital today” if she could, and said he expects her to make a full recovery.

“We’re just so very grateful,” said Molitor’s mother, Randee, speaking publicly at the hospital for the first time.

Lauren Molitor of Franklin was crushed between a semitrailer truck and an SUV during a car wash sponsored by her University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee sorority, Kappa Tau, at a Franklin grocery store Sept. 6.

Weigelt said Molitor, who remains in critical condition, suffered an “extremely rare” lung injury that ripped the upper part of her airway. She now suffers from adult respiratory distress syndrome as a result of all the blood she inhaled. Half of those who develop the syndrome die from it.

An accomplished ballet dancer, Molitor was studying math education and had just begun student teaching at Manitoba Middle School.

She regained consciousness a week ago Sunday, telling her family that she loved them and asking to go home.

Asked if the family believed Lauren would dance again, sister Liz Molitor said, “I’m getting married in a year. Lauren will be there, and she’ll be dancing

Charges are pending against a man who drove up to the security perimeter around Sen. Barack Obama’s home in Kenwood with a gun on the floor of his car this morning, police said.

The man also had a bulletproof vest in the car, sources said.

The man, in his 30s, was stopped by a Chicago Police officer assigned to the U.S. Secret Service security detail at about 5 a.m. today, Chicago Police said. He had a rambling conversation with the officer who stopped him.

After being told to leave the area, the man drove away but he returned. The officer then searched his car and recovered a handgun, police said.

Secret Service spokesman Malcolm Wiley said the man “did not breach any security perimeters” and was a block away from the senator’s home. The man did not direct any threats toward Obama, nor did he “utter any threatening language,” Wiley said.

Sources said the man inquired about getting a job, spoke about how he was a victim of crime and discussed how he was happy that an African-American was running for president. The man, a convicted felon, is African-American.

There are “Do Not Enter” and “Authorized Personnel Only” signs posted around that security area, a Chicago Police spokesman said. The outer security perimeter is manned by the Secret Service and Chicago police, Wiley said.

saints row 2 is coming out for x-box360 and ps3 it is a raw game but ps3 is the worst system

i like the chicago bears alot i think the packers are a bad team and that the chicago bears could and will win the packers anytime anywhere in lambeau field or soldier field GO BEARS!

nothing to trade

i trade my stapler for a box full of thumbtacks

sorry nothing to trade

i trade my blue pen for my dads stapler that i wanted i dont have a camera to take a picture of it

today i traded my gold pencil to my 11 year old sister for her blue pen that is all for today