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Monthly Archives: October 2008

my weekend was just a normal regular boring weekend just watching tv and playing video games going on the ersestcomputer  the most inting thing i did this weekend was watch Max Payne It was a good movie i remember having the game on the playstation


my weekend was an alright weekend i didnt do much accept play outside with my friends and on saturday night i went to the movies amc to see qurantine it is a cool movie



Angela Pusateri, 79, may be unconventional, but, according to Jenna, 13, “She really is a cool grandmother.” The Hallandale Beach, Fla., woman is a rap-music singer with a new CD (“Who’s Your Granny?”) and occasional playdates, where she shows up in hockey jersey, jewels, sunglasses and baseball cap. Sample rap: “I can bring the noise better than P-Diddy / I am older and wiser, I ain’t a disguiser / I am condo commando in a high-riser, Who’s your granny?” Also, “Move over, Trick-Daddy, ’cause this is my town / I gotta shuffleboard posse and we’re known to get down.” Actually, conceded Jenna to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel in September, “Sometimes it’s embarrassing.” [South Florida Sun-Sentinel, 9-8-08]